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CAPM Exam Prep Boot Camp

Whether you are new to the field or are actively working on projects, a CAPM credential offers you lasting benefits. This course prepares participants for the CAPM Examination offered through the Project Management Institute. The key to your career development is CAPM Certification Training. If you’ve always wanted to make a critical difference on a project team and perhaps even lead it, now you can earn the certification that will allow you.


CAPM Certification: a Valuable Credential

CAPM Certification is a valuable credential that provides proof to current and future employers that you have a firm grasp of the knowledge, procedures, terminology and best practices that drive effective project management. The certification is achieved through the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is considered not only an entry-level certification for individuals interested in starting a career within the field of project management, but also a valuable asset for those who would like to manage larger projects or gain skills for their current roles. It is important to note that CAPM Certification is based on PMI’s project management framework, as outlined within the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide.

CAPM Training Is the First Step

Through CAPM training classes, you will be in a better position to correctly answer the exam’s 150 questions within the allotted three hours. In addition to helping you prepare for the exam, CAPM training classes will help you improve upon the skills needed to initiate, develop, manage and run large-scale projects. With the right training classes you can earn your CAPM credential, create additional career opportunities, and showcase your project management capabilities to current and future employers.

Why You Should Take CAPM Training Classes

CAPM training classes are specifically designed for any professional who has minimal experience within the project management field, but is interested in acquiring additional knowledge. A CAPM course leverages the teachings of the PMBOK Guide to help candidates gain an understanding of project management terminologies and effective practices.